History of FCC

Meetinghouse on Henry Street

Many of the earliest settlers of the Farmland community were Quakers, first organized as the Cabin Creek Meeting of Friends, located on Base Road in Stoney Creek Township. In a season of revival for American Friends, the Lord led Friends around Farmland to hold special services in the Christian Church in Farmland in 1878. In 1880, Macy Hall (over Macy’s Tin Shop on South Main Street) was remodeled for church purposes.

A request to form a Friends meeting for worship in Farmland become official in March of 1882 with 24 families as charter members. That fall, they secured Farmland’s second school, then being used as a paint shop, for use as a meetinghouse. The site was deeded to Farmland Monthly Meeting of Friends in 1882.

In the summer of 1889, a new frame meeting house, 34×50 feet, was completed next to the old school house. On Sunday morning, March 1, 1903, the building burned to the ground, probably due to a defective flue.  A new church building was completed in the fall and dedicated on October 11, 1903. The structure cost $3,000. This building housed Farmland Friends Church for nearly 100 years.

By 1994, the congregation was making plans for a new meeting house.  Fifteen acres were purchased on Highway 32 in May 1996. Just a few weeks after, the church learned they would receive a gift from the estate of Ida (Watson) Burke. While hardly anyone during that time had met Ida, she had attended Farmland Friends with her parents for 27 years (perhaps around the 1920s). The amount of money was almost exactly the same amount needed to pay off the ground. After years of prayer and months of hard work by the members of the congregation, the dome structure was completed and dedicated on November 10, 2002. A gymnasium, kitchen, youth room and additional restrooms were added in 2007.

November 20, 2022 Farmland Friends celebrated our twenty-year anniversary of worship and service through the present facility. We are grateful for the legacy of faithful men and women of God who allowed the Light of Jesus to shine brightly in this community. We look forward to many more years, and trust that those who come behind us will find our generation to be faithful to the call and cause of Jesus Christ, even as those who preceded us have been.


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